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I need some tips (READ BEFORE POSTING)


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after trying it i now know that Rainbow, Rainbow Dark and Hamon are a waste in a CB deck, so i'm going to start anew, i'm looking for either OTK or beatdown, and a quick kill, here's what i got so far, (THIS IS NOT THE FINISHED PRODUCT)



x3 Sapphire Pegasus

x3 Topaz Tiger

x3 Amber Mammoth

x3 Anytheist Cat

x1 Emerald Tortise

x1 Cobalt Eagle

x1 Gravi-Crush

x1 Magna-slash? (maybe)

x1 Marshmallon

x1 Sangan

x1 Rescue Cat

x1 Green Baboon




x3 Rainbow Ruins

x3 Abundance

x2 Crystal Release (for attack boosting only)

x2 Beacon

x2 Promise

x2 Blessing

x1 Mage Power




x1 Torrental

x2 C. Raigeki

x1 Solemn

x3 Threatning Roar

x2 Crystal Pair



total= 44


this is what i got so far, i know it ain't the prettiest but it's what i got so far and i need help to improve it, ANY FLAMES WILL BE NEG REP'ED, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! constructive critisisim is welcomed, i need help to improve it, i'm open to any advice that will make my CB deck better, also i know nothing about CB's, i just started using them

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I never have any problem getting rainbow dragon out in my deck. Its actually pretty easy.This is what I run.


Rainbow Dragon

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus x3

Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger x2

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle x2

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat x2

Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise x2

Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle x2

Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth x2

Gravi-Crush Dragon


Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

Dweller in the Depths

Cyber Valley

Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder



Crystal Blessing x2

Crystal Abundance x2

Crystal Beacon x2

Crystal Promise x2

Crystal Release

Crystal Pair

Crystal Raigeki

Ancient City -Rainbow Ruins x2

Heavy Storm


Swords of Revealing Light

Pot of Greed

Rainbow Path

Mystical Space Typhoon

Torrential Tribute

Lightning Vortex

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well add some cards taht help you draw cards. I have many cards that help me get my cards out. Get a Cyber Valley, very useful card. Take some cards out that dont help. Like Rescue cat can only bring a amethyst cat which wont be that useful.

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looks like you want an abundance otk. that being said, you want to fill your mt slots as quickly as possible, then rape face with either carbuncle or abundance.

the field spell is a must for control




-3 Anytheist Cat

-1 Emerald Tortise

-1 Cobalt Eagle

-1 Gravi-Crush

-1 Magna-slash? (maybe)

-1 Marshmallon

-1 Sangan

-1 Rescue Cat

-1 Green Baboon

your dont need the useless crystal beasts.

you only need the hard hitters and carbuncle.


-2 Crystal Release

-1 mage power

your otk will consist of 5 monsters of at least 17 attack each. you dont need to boost attack, ever.


-2 C. Raigeki

-1 Solemn

running one solemn is niev. you dont need traps. raigeki is also silly.




now that ive told you what fails here, i want you to think toward your win condition, and add only cards that directly support it. be sure not to include any cards that work counter to it, except maybe rare value, as blessing can get those back. that means no magna, no gravi, no hamon. you dont need them, they hurt rather than help.


your ultimate goal is to fill your mt spots to 4 crystal beasts, then abundance.

an alternative win condition is to use carbuncle to bring out a massive swarm.

the field spell should help you stall your opponent and speed yourself up enough to pull off the abundance otk. field control is where its at.


think about it, try again.

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what other monster's should i throw in other then those 4 CB's? i don't only want to have 12 monsters, and just to make clear, i want no snychro's in this deck


i think i get it, how about:


generation shift: this can get a CB in my spell and trap zone, and if it's Pegasus, when it's summoned i can get another CB in there


beast soul swap: this can not only get a second attack in, but if i send Pegasus back to my hand i can get a CB in my spell and trap zone


wild nature release: this'll increase a CB's attack then since it's destroyed i'll get it in my spell and trap zone


you mean something along those lines, or something different?

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Build this. Now.


Monsters (19)

3x Sapphire Pegasus

3x Amethyst Cat

3x Topaz Tiger

3x Amber Mammoth

2x Ruby Carbuncle

2x Rescue Cat

2x X-Saber Airbellum

1x Debris Dragon


Spells (17)

3x Crystal Abundance

3x Rare Value

3x Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins

3x Crystal Beacon

2x Crystal Blessing

2x Crystal Release

1x Crystal Tree


Traps (4)

3x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

1x Crystal Counter


Total: 40


Extra Deck (15)

3x Black Rose Dragon

3x Thought Ruler Archfiend

2x Stardust Dragon

2x Red Dragon Archfiend

2x Dark Strike Fighter

1x Goyo Guardian

1x Magical Android

1x Armory Arm

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1. i don't want synchro's

2. X- Saber Airbellum pays not contribution to what i'm going for

3. i already tried with it and it didn't work, so no Release

4. Debris Dragon is no use since i want no synchro's


i'm going for OTK or TOK (total overkill), i fill up my spell and traps use Abundance and destroy or swarm with Charbuncle, something along those lines

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