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Jus' an ol' sod...

Hydra of Ages

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'Ello everyone, I'm Blazinghydra, which yes, is an odd name, but eh.

I'm a fairly ordinary, if slightly eccentric guy, who happens to have a massive list of Yugioh card ideas he's been making since...what, the year 2000? 2001 maybe?

Not to say they're all GOOD, that is. the Lists from years 2001-2003, and 2003-2005 have already been deleted due to them being...bad. And uninspired. The more recent lists are more unique and interesting, in my eyes at least.

In any case, I feel a need to refine the ones I like more, for whatever purpose I deign to use them for (perhaps I'll write a fanfic eventually... I've been told I have a great writing talent), and this seems like the ideal place to do so. Unfortunately, there's one little problem.


I can't draw.


Not even a little bit. Stick figures are a difficulty for me. I figure this might be a problem, since 60% of a card's space is the picture, and this board seems mighty art-centric. I could write vivid descriptions I suppose, but as they say, a picture's worth a 1000 words.


Oh well, I suppose most of my ideas will be confined to the text-only area.


Anywho, enough about me. I'm off to go familiarize myself more with the board; the community seems friendly enough.

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Wow. You are already a good member. Just from your introduction thread alone! Congratulations!


Welcome to the board, hope you have fun here. If you need any help or just want someone to talk to, especially for writing, you can always send me a private messaging. I may be a retired roleplayer on this board, but I still love to write my poetry. :)

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A writing talent? I'd be pleased to read some of your writing, I write here and there myself. :3

As for the drawing dilemma, what you could do to get the basis of drawing is pick out a picture you're fond of and then trace it. yes, it's a baby method, but you'd be surprised at how well your skills will develop.

Welcome though. :3

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Heh, nice to know I make a decent first impression.


In any case, I probably will start a fic eventually, once I get everything sorted out. It's inevitable; if I make cards, I'll want to find somewhere to showcase them, of course. And what better way than to do that than in a fanfiction, where people would notice them?

*cough* And you don't need to have pictures for a card in a story, *cough*.


Although I will take that tracing advice. It would be nice to be able to draw something other than a lopsided circle.

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Uhm, Avanz, I don't think your sigs would be the best start for him to begin in the field of drawing.

First, start out with simple anime pictures, then work your way up to the complex anime, then get into shading/dimensions, and finally if your that good, then perhaps an attempt at Avanz's sig would be good.

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