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The Weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Zone


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Hello, and this is my weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Zone, where each week, a new topic will be picked, and the entry with the most realism wins. By realism, I mean advanced holoing, OCG text, Card Rarity and others will be in account. Only the best five entries of the week will get in (one for each week day of the week, and the week days will be for polling). Since the contest happens every week, there will be only 1 winner. The entry fee is but 2 pt. for now, so enter quickly.


This weeks topic is Assault Mode Monsters. And this week, I will be specifically looking for the OCG text. The cards must also be 1st Addition. So that must mean that you must have the gold sticker, and utilize a "1st Edition" with the "st" being on the top, for realism.









This weeks prize: 5 pt


Look for these special prizes (released on the last contest of a month):

My Tech Circle

Classic Arcane Circle


You are also welcome to pm me a prize. show me what it is and we will bargain a price when i need the prize.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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