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my first set: "resource's demise"(3rd attempt) PLZ LOOK AND RATE THEM

fist of guthix

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I got the hang of it with some help. first series up is water.

244643p.jpg244643y.jpg244643.jpg244643q.jpg244643r.jpg244643.jpg next is wind, its not done yet though.

244643r.jpg244643pwj.jpg244643c.jpg244643g.jpgnext is electricity.also unfinished.

244643d.jpg244643.jpg244643pam.jpgearth is up next. see if you notice a pattern.244643x.jpg244643a.jpg244643v.jpg244643h.jpg244643n.jpg244643z.jpg244643qiy.jpg244643s.jpgup next is fire. I dont know if i will make more fire ones.

244643sto.jpg244643b.jpg244643drk.jpg244643g.jpg244643kql.jpgnext one is up is dark.this is where the modern disasters come in play.

244643h.jpg244643r.jpg244643vzw.jpg244643ixy.jpg244643i.jpg244643y.jpgAND FINALY, MY DIVINE MONSTER!


and one card that didn't fit the other specifications.


the pattern is that every attribute had a large disaster and a small one. plz rate them and tell me what i can do better.

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nice but use real types other wise pretty good. oh and these belong in any other cards.

did you draw these



i did not draw a single one. im not that good lol. or i just have bad self esteem. no' date=' im just not good at it. not like most of the other cards i see here. how do they do it? why is it in the any other card section?[hr']

aww! i like my new types. they dint fit anywhere else. tell me what type theyd go in.

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