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Miyu's Sigs.

Miyu Sensei

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She (or he) probably came from another forum that does not really care about size limitations, you know...


You shouldn't need to judge on the size of it...


I think they're fine, but you really don't need to put your name, or Miyu Amane on everything... Kind of makes it feel weird.

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I'm a girl. D:


Well, I'm not a GFX person, so I'm not good at sig-making. I'm learning a little bit more on using Photoshop, and manipulating the pictures.

Yes, I came from a forum, many actually, where size didn't matter.

Also, someone else helped with this and she was the one that had 'miyu amane' on each one of those. The only reason for that was because I was registered on 'Miyu Amane'. :3

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For not being a GFX person, your pretty damn good already, lol ^^.


For the first one, you could perhaps chop off some of the right side, since it's unnecessary, and is kind of taking up space.


The second one has lighting on both sides of her body. Try to fix that.


The third one, the C4D's stick out too much.


The fourth one, the C4D on the right REALLY does stick out TOO much, it's too plain. Blur it, blend it, or something.


I'd say your Ichigo one's the best. I just don't know what's in the background, though. Or are they just a bunch of brushes?

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