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Kirbi Dance/plus kirbi's


any other kirbi's?you know of?//fir poll  

  1. 1. any other kirbi's?you know of?//fir poll

    • look at them
    • rate them

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<(**<)<(**)>(>**)> <(**)><(**<) <(**)>(>**)> <(**)> <(**<)


<($$)> <(^^)> <(??)> <(OO)>

greedy kirbi happy kirbi Confused Kirbi Weird Kirbi


<(X^)> <(--)> <(0-0)> <(*v*)>

one-eyed kirbi bored kirbi kirbi with glasses kirbi with weird nose


Plz rate mine from 1/10

10 being awesome and funny to 1 being horrible and stupid..

also plz if you have others post them..

P.S. post kirbi's everywhere so the world will be run by kirbi's

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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