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"Lady of the Night" + Support/Etc. -ANIME- (PG-13)


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I hope this goes better than last time >.>


Serpent Night Dragoon is used with some of these cards.



Please give constructive criticism, and some help with OCG would be nice.

Oh, and also, I got all these images from Photobucket, and It's PG-13 because of blood (if you haven't noticed)

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Oh my... here I thought the "Girl/Lady" sets were being made only by me. :P




Lady of the Night:

"...increase this cards ATK by..." not " 'Lady of the Night' gains"


Lady 1/Lady 2:

Graveyard, not graveyard.


Lady's Sister:

You can choose between:

- as a result of battle

- by battle.



Deck, not deck.


Lady's Victim:

"This card can only be activated while you control a face-up "Lady of the Night". Until the end of the turn that this card is activated, "Lady of the Moon" gains the following effect:

- This card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly.

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