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HYPER monsters....


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[align=center] With this cards im making.... i introduce a new sub-type.... called HYPER.... Hyper monsters are still Effect monsters and have to be included in your deck in order to play them..... I adapted the concept of BUSTER mode.... thus you need to activate a HYPER WARP spell card in order to Summon a Hyper monster.....


To Hyper Summon(summon which involves a Hyper WARP) a Hyper Sub-type Monster you need to activate a Hyper Warp Spell card and Release 1 monster with the same level you want to Hyper Summon.....


Card 1: http://rss-glx.sourceforge.net/RSS%20Thumbs/hyperspace.jpg



Card 2: http://www.gearsonline.net/macross/skull001.jpg


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So Hyper Valkyrie Fighter cannot be Special Summoned except by Hyper Warp but Hyper Warp uses a Hyper Summoning method am I correct?

Monster should be monster

deck should be Deck

As far as i'm concerned the card lore on Hyper Warp should say:

"Release 1 monster you control to Hyper Summon a Hyper Sub-Type monster whose Level is equal to the Level of the Released monster from your hand, Deck or Graveyard.

The Summoning conditions are quite balanced, I can't see the point in making Hyper Valkyrie Fighter and Ultimate Rare though. First Editions should have the gold stamp.

Maybe cut down the DEF on Valkyrie a bit seeing as if you Tribute a BEWD it's attack can reach 3500. Maybe add a cap to Valkyrie?

This is a good idea and I see someone's read the OCG thread!

You get 8.5/10 from me

Uh' date=' Jacky...the second part is his [i']signature.[/i]


Don't lower your rate on what you don't know...

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