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Best SIX SAMURAI? what you dont think so?


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wow! wow why the hostility, calm down its just like... the ulimate samurai!

love it or hate it, but score it!


When this card is special summoned, flip summoned or normal summoned search one of the following cards from your deck to your hand; Backs to the Wall ● Breakthrough! ● Cunning of the Six Samurai ● Double-Edged Sword Technique ● Legendary Ebon Steed ● Return of the Six Samurai ● Shien's Castle of Mist ● Six Samurai United ● Six Scrolls of the Samurai ● Swift Samurai Storm! ● Swiftstrike Armor

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so he's a tactician who can help the six samurai in making their attack plans? i like it.


ocg fix:

When this card is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned or Special Summoned add one of the following cards from your Deck to your hand:

"-Backs to the Wall" -"Breakthrough!" -"Cunning of the Six Samurai" -"Double-Edged Sword Technique" -"Legendary Ebon Steed" -"Return of the Six Samurai" -"Shien's Castle of Mist" -"Six Samurai United" -"Six Scrolls of the Samurai" -"Swift Samurai Storm!" -"Swiftstrike Armor".


-use dashes (-) instead of the bullet points. bullets don't show up on the card itself.



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Yep. And the picture fits, since that's Oda Nobunaga, a Master of War if there ever was one.


I think you should fix the effect so it says something like, "add a Spell or Trap Card that includes "Six Samurai" in its card text from your Deck to your hand."


As it is, any future support for the Six may be screwed out of use by his effect.


9/10 anyway.

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