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[JG] Bleach Vector-ish Sig [JG]


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real basic, which is sometimes good but today....it is not.

its no where close to a vector....though i can understand what you mean by feels like it.

Text....just no.


and the lighting choices you made don't really work when you look at the light source of the render....

try again.

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Background looks nifty, although, lighting position doesn't really work nicely ^^;;

And test placement, well.....try moving it along to the left, and keep it close to the focal without covering the good looking details. Keep it horizontal btw (doesn't look too good in the angle you're placing it now)! Also adding, try changing the colors a bit more, looks a bit too plain and noticeable imho.


Other than that, I love the focus positioning!



Keep it up! ^_^

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You blurred most of the effects and added horribly, stroked, text.

Your lighting is so off that it's hilarious.

You tried adding depth by blurring everything and that made this thing worse.

You "light sources" cover up most of your bg.

Read tuts.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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