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[align=center]Well first, I dunno if this is the right section, but it seems like it so yeah...


Anyways, in this thread you can make a request for any pokemon you would like to have, like this example:

[spoiler=Example Request]

Pokemon Wanted: Sableye

Desired Level: Preferably 30 or higher

Requested Moves: Something along the lines of:

Shadow Ball, Fury Swipes, Leer and Dark Pulse. Doesn't have to be exact.

Willing to Give: Alakazam Lv 58 with a various movepool with special attacks.





I know that that would be a bad trade, but it was just an example.

Every now and then I will put a very special pokemon up for trade, which I will accept anything for. It will usually be something along the lines of a Shaymin, or maybe a Blissey, always very good pokemon. Movepools aren't always good though, seeing as I am not a competitive battler.

First to post saying they want that pokemon will get it, we can talk about it over PM when the time comes.

[spoiler=Current Offer]

None at the moment.



I hope that this thread will prove useful to alot of people. Just be sure to provide a Friend Code when you request.


NOTE: If it wasn't obvious, this only works for D/P/Pt.[/align]

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