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Abstracta Set


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OCG fixes:

Inflict 3000 Damage to your opponent. During your 2nd Standby Phase since activating this card, decrease your Life Points to 0.


Send all Spell Cards from your Deck to the Graveyard. Your opponent sends all Trap cards from their Deck to their Graveyard.


You can only activate this card if there are 5 monsters and 5 Spell and Trap cards on your field. Remove every card on your field from play and inflict 5000 damage to your opponent.


They change the game too much. If I used a Deck with cards like Nimble Momonga and Dual Summon I could use Abstrataca Rainbow and Abstrataca Fire for an OTK. Besides the Abstrataca Rainbow image there is no real focus on a specific point in the image.

Overall, they're OPed 6/10

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