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Power Rangers Cards. Lots of em.


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Not bad. Not bad at all. I would think it'd make more sense for them to be Warriors, or even Dinosaurs in the case of the Dinothunder Rangers, just so you can be totally sarcastic there.


You're makin' me wanna do some for the current season, RPM. (actually, last year's Japanese season, Go-Onger...) That is, of course, if you haven't done so already.

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Ok, First things first. Ritual Spell cards do not cross over to be Equip Spells. If he's a ritual summon monster, that's fine. You failed to mention the combined number of stars/levels it takes to summon the Green Ranger. You should make a separate Equip card for the Dragon Shield.


The effects are quite overpowered and need to be scaled back. The Ignition effects need to have restrictions on number of times they can be used. The Power Rangers on the show weren't this invincible.


7/10 for a first effort.


The picture are ok.

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I think what JazinKay is trying to say is "You need better pictures" evidently he's not good at constructive critiscsm.


Anyway, I'm going to rate these with an 8/10 because you have some fantastic effects and you chose some good pictures (especially for the DT rangers). Is it okay if I make some OCG corrections?


Blue Ranger

As long as this card is face up on the field all Ranger-type monsters cannot be targeted by Spell or Trap Cards.


Red Ranger

As long as this card is face up on the field your opponent cannot select a Ranger-type as an attack target


White Ranger

This card can only be special summoned by tributing one "Green Ranger" that you control



Dragon Shield

This card is used to Ritual-Summon "Green Ranger" You must also tribute monsters whose total level of stars equals 7 or more from the field or your hand, If there are at least two Ranger-type monsters face-up on the field then no tributes are required. This card may be treated as an Equip-Spell card a monster equipped with this card has it's ATK increased by 500.


I'm afraid I can't help with OCG anymore (sorry). I love how Dragon Shield is an Equip and Ritual Spell card. Like I said 8/10, keep up the good work!

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