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night blade dragon syncro & tuner set(not fin)


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the "Knight of The Blade Dragon" shouldn't have of capitalised and needs to be in speech marks and the same applies to the other requirement. OCG should read:

"As long as this card remains face-up on the field inflict 500 damage to your opponent each time a monster is successfully Flip Summoned."

It needs a Golden Stamp and the image is incredibly overused, however you have used the correct set type and everything else looks alright

6.5/10 from me

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thats a record!!! thats the highest score i've ever got.( and now your gonna say i'm rubbish.)

thanks for telling me what ocg means!

i wont be adding knight of the blade dragon because i coodnt find a good pic.

look at exxod, the effect is ruffly the same. why should it say it in a different way?

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