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Yu-Gi-Oh CR! Chaos Reborn | Come and See | Chaptor 3 UP!

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Rated PG-12

contains Swearing and a bit of Sexual Langage



[spoiler=Charictors][spoiler=Main] Alex Flay( Darkness Deck) Jade Tera ( Crimson Dragon Deck ) Sharlet Hanna( D.F Deck / Morphtronic Deck )



1 Year Before 5Ds.This story is about a Guy with Blond Hair, Brown Eyes , and a Big Problem, He came across a Dark cyristal Full of X-Energy , a power so Destructive, The one possed by it Shall Control the Power of Actial DARKNESS! Then Jade, He holds The power of The Five Dragons in his Deck including Crimson Dragon! And the only way to Stop the X Energy Ripping the World in Half is to gather the 10 Keys of Infinity and Dstroy the Evil Stone!



[spoiler=Chapter 1]


Alex - 50 Yugi - 6100 ''Right, Thats it, Im feed-up of losing to you, Your just Yugi Muto, I mean you suck! Anyway back to the Duel. Draw! I dicard 1 card to special Summon D.T Dark Insulater! Now im Dark Tuning my LV 11 Dark Insulater with my LV 2 Catastrouge Nightmare!

Once Alive, Chaos Shall be Reborn! Dark Synchro Summon! Darkness Shall Rule! The Infinity Realm - The Dark Lord! '' ATK/3300 DEF/ 2800 LV - 9 '' But thats Not all...... I activate the Effect of Double Synchro! It Lets me Special Summon 1 more Card! The Infinity Realm - The Shadow Queen! " ATK/ 3100 DEF/ 2750 ''Now im Activating Lightning Vortex and Heavy storm!'' Alex Said With a Loud Voice.'' No... But thats Impssible!'' Yugi Shrieked


'' Now my Monsters Attack Him Directly!'' ( 3300 + 3100 = 6400 ) Yugi - 0 '' Now hand over That Card! ''

'' No... But its My best card..... Dark Magician!

'' I dont Want That, I want that Card with the Bloody Dice on it!''

'' Oh... That... Welllllllll, i dont Have it.''

'' What? Then where is it!''

''I sold it, Heres the money.''

'' You sold The Dice of Chaos for $7 ! Oh Well, Ill just by That Morphtronic Rage Pack and try to get Those D.F cards for my Morphtronic Deck. Bye You Mother funking jabroni ''

He Walked towards The Shop Just to have a Little, or should i say BIG suprise..........................................


Machine vs Machine, Clash of the Titans


[spoiler= Main Card] dfd355.png





[spoiler=Chaptor 2]

A 'Who are you, get out my way yo......'

S ' Duel '

A 'Okay.... ermm What type?

S ' Turbo '

A ' Ok, Morphtronics it is

S ' What ? My deck runs Morphs, Fine ill Just run my D.F deck'

A ' Crapedy Crap, i got D.F cards in MY deck, oh well, Hang on, Whats your Name?'

S ' Sharlet '

'DUEL' They both shouted

A ' My go, DRAW! i Summon Morphtronic Celfon and activate its effect! Dial.............. its a 2! Yes, i Call out Morphtronic Magnen and activate Double Summon to bring out anouther M Magnen!, ha, They sound like ice Cream! i place 2 cards face-Down and End!'

S ' They do Aswell, i summon Ice Cream-Bot! ( Morphtronic Magnen ) Next i Set 4 Cards and Attack Celfo......'

A ' Stop! i Activate Scrap-iron Scarcrow! '

S ' Damn, I end.'

A' DRAW! Yes.... i Summon M Clocken! and activate Morphtronic Monitron, Now Clocken Changes to Deffence, Next, Celfon Dail! 3. Hmm, i Call out M Cameran and activate M Monitron, Deffence! next i Change all my Monsters to Deffence!!!!!!!!!! Mwahahahaha! Now you cant Attack, or Destroy my Monsters!, End ' ( Morph Counters: 1 )

S ' Draw! i Summon the Tuner Monster Cyber Lasher! Its Now a Level 5! Now i Tune my Magnen and my Lasher to Summon! D.F.C.I Dark Flame Chaos Inverter! and Activate, Counter Megaman to Place 20 Counters on Him at a Price of 2000 LP! Now i Tribute My Chaos Inverter to Summon, The Ultiamate Card! D.F.T.M Dark Flame - The Master!' ( ATK/DEF 4500 )

A 'Wahhh................... fourty Five Hundred? Thats a lot of C**p.'

S ' Hey, Watch your Langage! im Only 11, Anyway, I end.'

A ' DRAW! i activate Spell Saviur, it Lets me get your Counter Choice! its Over, i win.'

S ' But My LP is on 2000?'

A ' I activate Counter MegaMan on my Clocken! I Tribute Clocken so You lose 20,000 LP. By the Way, I Duel With an Ante Rule, Gimme your Best Card, the D.F.T.M should be Good! '

S ' Oh well, i have 12 and, if you See a Guy called Jade Tera, Give him This card, i owe him. '



Next: God Summon! Jade V Kiaba, Dragon V Dragons


[spoiler= Main Card] 177507.jpg



[spoiler=Chaptor 3]

The Cold Wind Blew Past Million-Air Jade Tera as He Jumped of His Private Plane At 400 ft Falling Towards Kaiba Tower. 12 Minuets later .

'' Jade Tera, Ive Been Waiting for You'' Kaiba Said

'' Now, I Beleve i was Invited to Duel You, Seto'' Jade Replied

'' Dont Call me That, My Name is Kaiba! Not Seto! And Anyway, Yes''

'' No, Thats your Sername, Not Your First Name. ''

'' DUEL! '' They Both Shouted

J '' I Go First! Draw! i Summon The Tricky By Discarding 1 Card, Next i Summon Alpha Warrior - Synchron! and Tune Them to Summon Stardust Dragon, And With a Little Magic, Or Should i Say Spell, I Activate The Spell Card: Double Synchro! So i can Summon Anchient Fairy Dragon! I Set 2 Cards and End!''

K '' What? 2 Powerfull Monsters in 1 Turn! Draw! i Summon Lord of D! and Activate A Spell Card That Lets Me Summon 2 BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGONS! ATTACK....''

J '' I Activate my 2 Scrap Iron Scarcrows! Canceling Your Attack!''

K '' I End.''

J '' Draw! I Activate Double Summon And Tune My 2 Monsters to Summon Black Rose Dragon! Next, 2 Double Synchros! I Summon Power Tool Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend!''

K'' Crap! ''

J '' I ACTIVATE CALL OF THE CRIMSON SURIVIOR! Power Tool Dragon May not be 1 One of The Five Dragons but He Counts! ''

K '' Five Dragons? Oh God ''


K '' But You have 5 Monsters on the Field! ''

J '' But Look, There in My Spell and Trap Card Zones! Crimson Here Gains 2500 Attack and Deffence For Each Turn Hes On The Field! LIGHTNING VORTEX!''

K '' Double Crap ''

J '' Crimson Dragon, ATTACK! I End'' ( ATK/ 2500 ) Kiaba: 1500 LP

K '' Draw! Yes!, i Set a Card And activate Card Destruction! 2 Cards Gone, 2 Card Come, Now i Activate Chaos Dragon Fusion!By Removing My 3 Dragons in my Graveyad From play, I Can Summon BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON! i Got 1 Dragon Sent to The Graveyard because of Card Destruction! Blue Eyes! ATTAC...''

J '' You Fell For it, Crimson Dragon Now has 5000 Attack Points! ''

K '' Triple Crap '' ( Kaiba: 1000 )


K '' I set a Card and End ''

J '' Draw! Crimson Dragon Now has 7500 Attack Points, ATTACK! ''

K '' I Activate Sakautsu Armor, Crimson Dragon is Destroyed! ''

J '' Wrong, I Tribute Stardust Dragon to Negate Your Trap and Destroy it! I Won in 4 Turns, And 2 Of them Weren`t even Mine! ( Kaiba: 0 )

K '' No, I Cant be Beat in 2 Turns? ''

J '' Yes, You Can! Now Hand Over That Key! ''

K '' How Do You Kno..... ''

J '' Just Give it! ''


Stay Tuned For Next Week:

Chaptor 4, Ninjas, Frogs and Dinosuars!?!

[spoiler= Main 2 Cards]





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