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One - Mettalica


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You have disgraced Metallica by mis-spelling their name in the title.


Twice actually. Double T and Single L



I got into metallica about when GH3 came out. It wasnt because of it, it was my cousin that was listening to Enter Sandman.


This is a great song, I can play most of the Intro, but ive only been playing for a month.

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One is meh.


Primarily because And Justice For All is like the last album I actually liked by Metallica. And I didn't like it as much as their previous work.


Ride the Lightning, Ain't My jabroni, Master of Puppets, and For Whom The Bell Tolls are my favorites from Metallica.


Oh yeah! And funking Sanitarium is godly!


Sanitarium is by far their best work IMO.

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