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The updated FROG!


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Unifrog x3

Substitoad x2

Dupe frog x2

Flip-flop frog x2

Treeborn frog x1

Mother grizzly x2

Cyber shark x1(for beatstick and synchro fodder)

Breaker the magical warrior x1

Sangan x1

Snipe hunter x1

Fenrir x2

Jutte fighter x2

Psychic commander x1

Legendary jujitsu master x1






Wetlands x2

Terraforming x1

Lightning vortex x2

Monster reborn x1

Heavy storm x1

Dark world dealings x2(for getting rid of dead draws)

Enemy controller x2

MST x1

Brain control x1






Bottomless x2

Threatening roar x2

Trap dustshoot x1

Torrential tribute x1




Extra deck


Stardust dragon x1

Goyo guardian x1

Colossal fighter x1


I'm using alternative tuners coz I don't have Krebons.

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