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Graphic Contest (Over)


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Alright then. Basically send in stuff like your booster pack designs. Recolours (Recolor) You know holo's and all that stuff.

Pay 5 points to enter. Maximum cards is 3. Maximum packs is 2.

1st place will get 3 pos reps

2nd place will get 2 pos reps

3rd place will get 1 pos rep

Deadline 6th april

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fine ~JG~ since evryone thinks this is all wrong your now in first place usually i wouldn't stand for this but because this has been going on and annoying me what with con. and omni reserving then never actually doind it. here you are first place. it wasn't cuz i was carbon v3's friend it was because it was hard to choose between the two you dont have to start hgoing round implying i have no brain.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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