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Pokémon Cards


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I'm making Pokémon Yu-Gi-Oh cards. All you'll see is a common effect on common Pokémon, and the rare, well, better effects, and so on. When I get on to events, I'll do the Pokémon Master, who I won't say about (SPOILERS) until I do at least 30 other cards. (Yes, you may guess)

Here are the rarities shown under the card.

Common-Weak effects, maybe none, low stats

Uncommon-Okay effects, okay stats

Rare-Sweet effects, nice stats

Super Rare-Great effects, amazing stats

Ultra Rare-Amazing effects, uber stats

Basic Legendary-Ultra Rare with higher ATK and DEF

Uber Legendary-Best effects in Yu-Gi-Oh history maybe, the ultimate ATK and DEF

1 of the 3 Divine Legendaries-Maybe unbeatable, high ATK, around equal DEF


Now, here is where my cards are displayed




Currently preparing:

Rest of Ralts Line

Gastly Line


Happiny Line


So, I'll accept criticism and all that! Enjoy the cards!

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