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Little Rock


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3 earth giant gaia plate

3 core chimair guardian

3 gigantes

3 rock stone warrior

3 the rock spirit

1 grand mole

1 morphing jar

1 card trooper

3 morph 2



1 card destruction

3 dark world dealings

2 dd burial

3 burden

3 shrink

1 heavy

1 trunade

1 mst

1 brain control

1 robert



2 royal decree



deck 40



side 15:

3 megarock

2 mormolith

3 cold wave

3 roar

1 fissure

1 smashing

2 pachy

taking recommendations


product of my boredom and my desire to not use lights and darks.

basic playbook:

little city, but with rocks, and no oppression. i wanted oppression, but too much of it likes to be speciald.

so the idea is just to mow people down with 2 or 3 rocks a turn, and their monsters are severely nerfed by shrink, burden, and that gaia troll.

in place of a draw engine, i have card destruction, dwd, card trooper, and morphs 1 and 2.

they speed it up magically, while ditching rocks for my bigger guys.

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17 beater who becomes 2k on my opponents turn, easily special summoned.

keep in mind the presence of burden and shrink, effectively making him a 24 or so.

hes also a rock, so the rest of the deck likes him.

i was surprised too, but i just came to the conclusion that he fits well.

rofl, i forgot reborn, editd.

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i was thinking if i only added one or two traps, because my decrees would trip me up otherwise, id want them to be pretty powerful

mirror or torrential maybe

i like torrential because i can resupply my rock army almost immediately.

but what to drop?

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drop off? eh, it's ok, i used to run it but stopped when i faced my friends zombie deck and used it on despair...twice :( not a fun time


but here's some real advice, it's YOUR deck, run it the way YOU want to, you don't have to take any advice if you don't want to, i'm just suggesting things of personal experiences, but if you think your deck rocks.....heheh another pun, then go out and kick ass with it.


simple as that

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quadruple merged post.

do you just think in short, quick bursts?

you nearly killed my sanity by actually saying "releasing"


the silence was /caused/ by your stupid comment, also from the deck's pure irregularity.

since most of ycm is either people who are bad at jugijoh or people who are also bad at jugijoh, but know enough to be able to tell everyone else that their deck is a failure.

unless a deck is straight generic, absolutely terrible, or just missing something obvious, it gets no responses.



also, stop speaking like a three year old.

c is a letter, not a word.

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