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1.you don't ask for a mod,YCMaker usually makes a topic in the General section about the requirements to become a mod and which section he needs them for


2.i don't think there will be a expected worktime,this is just a forum,you don't get payed for moderating it and he can't force you or strip your position because you have better things to do rather than moderating a forum


3.go to the forum index and scroll to the bottom,in the "Who's Online" box,the bottom right corner should have a "Forum Team" link


@above,he isn't a mod

@X-31,he isn't asking to become one,he is just wondering if he can become one

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Becoming a mod, isn't like applying for a job. If you ask for it, you will more then likely (99.999%) of the time be denied.

But, what you can do to make yourself known, is know what the rules are, and how they effect that specific forum. Pick a forum you know you can do, and "study" show that you can handle it and what not.

Then, don't ask about being a mod, if the time comes that a mod is needed, one will be appointed.


Oh, and just to save time for other member's

"Make a thread about suggestions, then wait a year or two"

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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