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The Kyle XY Discussion Thread


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Yes, I know it ended and I saw the series finale. But I want to bring back Kyle XY. Therefore, I'm opening this discussion thread so other YCMembers who are Kyle XY fans can discuss episodes and talk about wether or not ABC Family should cut it...and if they seal the deal, how to revive it on another network. I just can't stand seeing a great show get replaced by mediocre shows like The Secre Life of the Americain Teenager. However, I won't complain about Pushing Dasies. That is my 2nd favorite ABC Family Series. 1st is obviously Kyle XY. Pushing Dasies has good characters, good plot, and a good story. Kyle XY had all those things plus a boy with epic powers. I thought It was a Smallville rip-off when I first saw it, but Kyle XY evolved to a great series with tons of surprises. Back on topic, help me to revive what was the #1 series on ABC Family with or without ABC's cooperation.

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