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Battle of Types.(All Fields added. More coming)


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Random idea. Cred on cards. The pairing of Types are: Aqua and Thunder, Fiend and Zombie, Plant and Insect, Pyro and Machine, Warrior and Beast-Warrior, Reptile and Rock, Fish and Sea Serpent, Spellcaster and Psychic, Winged-Beast and Beast, and Dragon and Fairy.


[spoiler=Thunder and Aqua]221364uyl.jpg


[spoiler=Fiends and Zombies]221364n.jpg


[spoiler=Plants and Insects]221364k.jpg


[spoiler=Pyro and Machine]221364.jpg


[spoiler=Warrior and Beast-Warrior]221364oqy.jpg


[spoiler=Fish and Sea Serpent]221364uzq.jpg


[spoiler=Spellcaster and Psychic]221364wuj.jpg


[spoiler=Winged-Beast and Beast]221364wmj.jpg221364rov.jpg221364q.jpg


[spoiler=Dragon and Fairy]221364h.jpg


[spoiler=Reptile and Rock]221364n.jpg


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