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dialga and lustrious orb


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OCG: 1/4

Dialga, Master of Time

"This card can only be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card 'Lustrious Orb'."

Lustrious Orb

"Tribute 2 monsters on your side of the field to Ritual Summon 'Dialga, Master of Time' on your side of the field. After this, select and resolve 1 of the following effects:

-Inflict 2000 damage to your oponent's life points.

-Destroy all face-up monsters on your side of the field." (doesn't should be your oponent's ones?)


image:2/3 (dialga is decent, spell is... ew...)


effect-stats:1/3 (the effect of the spell ritual card should come from the monster, not the spell)

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