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More realistic cards style! 1st Atemp

-Lightray Daedalus-

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I Was playing making a card looks more realistic...I got some interesting results...


1st Attemp:

I took this card...


then I make this custom version of it....



Apparently and Ultimate rare...XD....The best I could


After that I try making a custom card on YCM so I can Compare it and this was the result.



New version



I made this a Spuer rare version


I corrected some aspect of the itself in this one...


I hope you like it!

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I also use some templates from a crappy Card generator....and edit them so they match real card aparience....More Like editing the card maker than anything...I change some values on fonts...Colors...efects...and on the templates....


the significant changes that I make were.

Sightly Better Rarity effects

more realistic Card template

Corrected the fonts

I added the font for the 1st edition smbol

Golden Sticked it

and fixed the way the text fit the text box...

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