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Phantasy Star Online series (PHST)


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YAY! A fellow PSO fan!


First of all, I HATED the Ruins in PSO - but LOVE the images you used for the monsters from there. Where did you get those images from?


Effects - Meh. Not bad.


Balance - Why on Ragol are Belras and Chaos Sorcerors stronger than Dark Falz? They're even stronger than Chaos Bringers - which were FAR more powerful....even on Ultimate. The Levels don't really match their difficulty or strength according to the game, either.


Overall - Not a bad idea, but needs a bit of work to better fit the PSO feel.


7/10. Keep it up. (You get a +rep for being a PSO fan, though)

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the images comes from www.PSO-world.com/gallery (forgot to say it =P)


about dark falz, dont worry im working on the 3rd form dark falz, u will like it bet for it.


AS PROMISED!!! (fixed)


This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by tributing 1 "Dark Falz" and 2 other monsters on your side of the field with more than 1 type. This card's type is also treated as Fiend-type. Once every 2 of your turns, this card cannot be removed from the field, until your End Phase. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, discard 1 card from your hand to Special Summon 1 "Soul Snatch Token" on your side of the field. The token will have the same lvl, type, atributte, ATK and DEF as a face-up monster on your oponent's site of the field or his/her graveyard (your choice). The token is destroyed during your next End Phase.

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Will you be making La Dimenians and Sol Dimenians? Also, how about Claws and Bulclaws?


I do like the idea of giving the OPPONENT the Darvents ('Dark Soul Tokens' as you put them) to your opponent. Can't wait to see what you do with Forms 2 and 3 of Dark Falz. Although I still think that Belra and Chaos Sorceror should be reduced in strength just a bit and the Chaos Bringer buffed up a tiny bit.


An interesting idea for the Dark and Death Gunners would be to try and incorperate their limited invincibility (to weapons when they're glowing white before the let down their defenses to fire). Just a thought.

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both belra and grand sorcerer r strong bcuz in the game their power is high, but is limited somhow. Dark Belra and Iris Belra r extremely slow, even if they hit hard. and Grand Sorcerer does nothing if he doesnt have their cube to attack (thats why belra can attack once every 2 turns and why grand sorcerer can attack ONLY if theres tokens on the field) but they a bit strong. ill fix it right away.


about bulklaw and claw.... there u go... (Claw sounds too simple, just changed a bit the name =P)



still looking for a La Dimenians and So Dimenians image and thinking on a effect for em.


AND cannot make dark falz ver.2 without a good image, wich im still searching.

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Okay, Belra and Grand Sorceror look much better. Nice balancing.


Dark Claw and Bulclaw look alright. I'm wondering why you didn't give the Bulclaw an ability to summon any Dark Claws as its effect? It could also stand to have slightly higher stats - like maybe an extra Level and maybe 400 more ATK and DEF.


As for Dark Falz Form 3, that's quite a bit to summon something like that. Four monsters for a 4000 ATK and DEF? Don't get me wrong, the stats are fitting. The condition is what throws me off. Why 3 monsters AND Dark Falz? If you wanted to do that, then you should make Form 3 much stronger since not many monsters outside your set have more than 1 type. Maybe 2 and Falz would be a better option (since Falz is a 2 Tribute and has more than 1 type itself)? Just a thought.


The Soul Snatch Token should go away at some point (since that ability only lasted so long in the game) - maybe something like:


The Soul Snatch Token is removed from the field during your opponent's End Phase.


Also, it might be a nice idea to make it (if you don't take the idea to get rid of a Soul Snatch Token) so that only 1 can exist on the field at a time (since only 1 person could be possessed at a time) - OR you could be evil and say that any damage inflicted to your Life Points by battle with a Soul Snatch Token is also inflicted to your opponent! >=3

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