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blue eyes Lighting Dragon


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blue eyes Lighting Dragon

Atribbutes :Light

stars: 10






By offering 1 Blue eyes Shining Dragon you can summon this card , this card gains 800 attack and defence for each dragon in your hand and Graveyard.This card is cannot be desingnated by magic,spell,trap and monster effects.

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"This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card ?cannot? special summoned expect by tributing 1 "Blue Eyes Shining Dragon" you control. This card gains 800 ATK and DEF for each Dragon-Type(or is it "in the name") in your hand and Graveyard. Negate any Spell, Trap or Monster Effects that target this card.("desingnated" or what ever spelling is old OCG if I'm not correct)"


This is going ridiculous...

First you summon Ultimate Dragon with 4 cards... then Shining Dragon should pop-up in hand to get that to be summoned AND yet thisO.o You need one heck of a luck to pull this up.


If I would play with a deck with this card I would probably just use Shining Dragon and this 1 with Phamtom of Chaos copying Shining Dragon...


Effect isn't so "epic" to be summoned for these costs either the boost is pretty hell of a much, but what is it's original ATK? It just upgraded Shining Dragon like this...

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