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Black Night


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Monsters: 19

1x Destiny Hero - Dogma

3x Destiny Hero - Plasma

1x Dandylion

1x Elemental Hero Stratos

1x Dark Armed Dragon

1x Sangan

2x Destiny Hero - Malicous

3x Dark Grepher

2x Krebons

1x Prometheus, King of Shadows

1x Plaguespreader Zombie


Spells: 14

1x Monster Reborn

1x Emergency Teleport

2x Allure of Darkness

2x Destiny Draw

3x Trade-In

1x Hand Destruction

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Heavy Storm

1x Foolish Burial

1x Veil of Darkness


Traps: 7

1x Crush Card Virus

3x Solemn Judgement

1x Mirror Force

2x Escape from the Dark Dimmension


Extra: 15

14x Generic

1x Sanwitch

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