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Colorful Code Geass


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That is officially the gayest sig I've ever seen...


Ok. I can find 2 errors as I am not good at sigs.


Why make an awesome render like that have a COLOURFUL background!? Seriously, that render would look awesome in somebody elses sig.


and the text, What. The. Hell? Why add text?! No good reason! Because you want your sig to look even more terrible.


Although, better than I could do.

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Alrighty, I'll try to fix the text (the "L" kinda looks off now, and the "King" yeaaah, kinda bad too), and kill the sword thing and gray pattern.


Thanks for the CnC ^_^

(I should present my sigs here more often, the straight-forwardness really helps)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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