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Written Cards Contest!


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I didn't know if I should post this here or on card contests, so I tried it here first. Well, this is a written card contest, just for fun. Here are the rules:


The contest keeps on for 24 hours. Then I'll post the results.


There are few requirements for submitting a card, and here they are:


- A theme: The contest will have a theme. If it doesn't match the theme, you get disqualified! The theme could be a movie, anything.


- A house rule: All cards must follow 1 house rule. This could be anything from keeping everything at the same level to having the same effect, being a union monster, etc.


The winner gets to create his/her new theme and house rule, and also gets to be the judge for the next 24 hours!


And everyone gets to post 1 CARD!



I'll start as the judge:


THEME: Terminator - All cards must remind people of Terminator.

HOUSE RULE: No Tuner/Synchro Monsters!


Here's what you'll be judged of:


Originality: --/10

Usability: --/10

Balance: --/10

Humor: --/10

Relevance to Theme: --/10

x 2 = Your Points


Here is an example card:


I'll Be Back!

Normal Trap Card

Activate only when a monster that your opponent controls attacks a monster that you control. Negate the attack and remove from play the monster that was targeted for the attack. In the End Phase of that turn, Special Summon the card to your side of the field.

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