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I merge those posts myself. Sorry if you don't like it but it's easier for me this way to respond.


1.) The logo shouldn't have glow to it (5D)

2.) Use Neo Sans for the text

3.) Use a higher quality tut

4.) Get a higher quality Render

5.) Get a higher quality Tech circle...


Use stroke' date=' and bevel for text




1) I can fix that.

2) Can't buy it

3) Didn't use a tut

4) It was big so i had to resize it, and it came out all fuzzy.

5) I'm lucky I even have a tech circle. Just got it today.


I don't know how to use that stuff.


1) Render it properly. Cut the white outline cleanly. Give it a little white outer glow.

2) Yes, you can, using money of YCM, for 50 points, from a member named Jovi that uses Yusei's avatar and Yu-Gi-Oh! Remix Logo as his signature. ;)

3) I don't think there's such an "HQ Booster Tut". o.O

4) If you make a big image smaller in Photoshop, the image's quality shouldn't drop. It might be because the render without being resized itself was LQ.

5) That's Chaotix's old Tech Circle. I can't complain on that.


Learn how to use Bevel and Emboss. I myself can't use it properly, so I can't comment on it. But I don't think the text needs stroke.

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