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please fix my deck

Coffee Black

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i don't own any real yugioh cards, but i'm playing the game yugioh gx duel academy. I know it's old, but I want to beat it. it doesn't have the current set of forbidden, limited, and semi-limited cards, so at first glance, my deck looks illegal. all but 4 cards in my deck are banned, but even without them, i still want to know how good it is. i would like only people familiar with the game to help me, because i know that's there's a lot of current cards that would work, but aren't used in the game. I tried to make a good DARK deck, and I like to only use one of the same card in my deck. here goes...



swords of reavealing light

witch's apprentice


widespread ruin

the fiend megacyber

pot of greed

magic jammer

robbin goblin

mirror force

heavy storm

mystical space typhoon

mystic tomato

mystic plasma zone

premature burial

call of the haunted

vorse raider

solemn wishes

united we stand

lightning vortex

zombyra the dark

nightmare wheel

swarm of scarabs

don zaloog

book of moon

gravekeeper's spy

gravekeeper's spear soldier

giant orc

autonomous action unit

skilled dark magician

old vindictive magician

breaker the magical warrior

des koala

big bang shot

archfiend soldier

mataza the zapper

trap jammer

invader of darkness

blowback dragon

burst stream of destruction(this has a glitch effect of destroying all of the opponents monsters, just like raigekei)

draining shield

pitch-black warwolf

threatning roar

blood sucker

ring of destruction


and this is the forbidden list as of now...

dark hole


witch of the black forest

harpie's feather duster

monster reborn

change of heart


the forceful sentry

painful choice

imperial order

fiber jar


magical scientist

chaos emperor dragon-envoy of the end



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