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We offer only the highest quality of boosters. Our prices are final.




[spoiler=OCG 5D's Boosters (6 points)]DrkInfrn.png


[spoiler=OCG Normal Boosters (6 Points)]DRKRGN.png


[spoiler=TCG Normal Boosters (4 Points)]sdd-1.png


[spoiler=TCG 5D's Boosters (4 Points)]Booster.png






I'll add more stuff later. As of now, I'm selling boosters only until further notice.

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Aww I wanted to be the first order. ;D


Jap. 5D's Boosters:

Render Or Image:[spoiler=Kind of big]cloudrender.png


Booster Name: Advent Children

Booster Name Color: Yellow

Booster BG Color: Black

Other: Can you make it just like the one you made me a couple days ago, I can post it for reference if you don't have it saved.


Custom Jap. 5D's Tins:

Render Or Image (LARGE IMAGES ONLY) :[spoiler= Yay large image FTW]cloudrender.png


Tin BG Color: Black, Idk

Special Effects: Whatever is best

(Card Image Will be made out of render & custom things)

Card Name: Cloud Strife/Assault Mode

Other: I have the card if you need me to post it.

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I was just wondering, I will pay you 300+ points for your booster font and sparkle stuff.

I will negotiate further terms by PM, if you wish.


EDIT: I will be willing to go as high as 500 points, maybe a little more.

My other question is, do you do English 5D's Tins?

Type Of Holo: Secret Rare (normal)




5D's Tin (English please)

Render Or Image (LARGE IMAGES ONLY) : Can you render the above card's image (AFTER Secret Rare holoing it) so it looks like your example tin please?

Tin BG Color: Whatever suits it, turquoise perhaps?

Special Effects: Sparkle, and could you use the Secret Rare image from the above card for the card image.

(Card Image Will be made out of render & custom things)

Card Name: Gladiator Beast Tigernmas/Assault Mode


Thanks! I will pay 40 points if satisfied!


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