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Whats That? Cove Is Improving In Sig Making?

Lelouch Lamperouge

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Well, you've kind of have a general flow going, but it's not really well done

Background is really empty

Render doesn't fit in, he's just there

No blending, lighting, or depth


Text is bad

Flipped doesn't magically make it better

Inverted almost never works, so don't bother doing it to your sigs


This seriously just looks like a render slapped onto a background



Task Master one:

Everything but the render is over contrasted

Background is empty

Flow is badly done

Render does not belong

No lighting, depth, or blending

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"The last is your best imo ( In My Opinion ). I really don't feel like giving large CnC right now. But anyway, For the last it looks like it's too burnt, try adding more lines to it but at the back not on him. The C4D's need to be set on another type in the Layer Mask. Enjoy my really short CnC.

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[align=center]Sky, keep this friendly


Cove, I'm not saying your not improving, but really, find yourself a teacher, or a beginner tut.

First is way too big, shrink it! Render doesn't fit it, nor does it fit the colors. Actually, a teacher would help you pick better renders, some with action and natural flow. And this tag has no flow, at all. You could use some C4D's, but, I don't recommend, since your new to this. No depth either, the whole tag is very distracting from the focal, which is the render, that is placed very bad.


For second, remove text, until you are ready for it.


Third, fliped is worse in this case. Not much to say.


Fourth, Invert, is a no NO NO anytime ;)


Fifth is your best. But too simple. Don't overlap renders with C4D's. EVER. It messes it up, unless it for a change looks good. Also, add a bit more flow, try a duplicate of your render, then a bit of smudging. Depth is not bad, but still, could be better...


You have improved. Read tuts and stuff and you'll get better. I see potential in you =)


~.:BB:. out [/align]

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