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WWE's CM Punk


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I decided to remake some of my wrestler cards that I made when I was a measley little noob. ^^"

So here's CM Punk (even though I didn't make him in my first Wrestlers Cards attempt, this is just the jisk of it, wreslters like John Cena, Randy Orton, and Triple H I'm gonna remake later but since CM Punk is my most favorite in the WWE, I'm gonna do his first)



[spoiler=Card Lore]

If you declare an attack with this card and it successfully destroys a monster, you may search in your Deck for these cards: "Go 2 Sleep" or the "Andaconda Vise" and add one of those cards to your Hand. If this card deals direct damage to your Opponent, they discard one card from their Hand.



Sorry! I couldn't find any images for his finishers, but when I do I'll post them and update this thread, so enjoy!

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