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Arrival of Wolf-Borns


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[align=center]A homage to Father Wolf. A dude that i've known since I joined here...and he makes some kick ass Pics.


I've decided to pay tribute to everyone's favorite neighborhood Graphic Designer....Father Wolf / Wolfberserker (Many older members know him by this name)


Every card in this set will be made using Father Wolf's images from his gallery. This set will also feature his "Children" so to speak. The "Wolf-Born Warrior" monsters. There are some themes from other archtypes mixed in here. Within their effects, you'll see a little E-hero, Lightsworn, Glad Beast, etc.


I hope everyone enjoys this set. Especially Father Wolf himself.


All card holo jobs are done by me.


Card List Key:

SECR - Secret Rare

UltR - Ultimate Rare

UR - Ultra Rare

SR - Super Rare

R - Rare

C - Common


Card List:

EN001 - Carlessa the Wolf-Born Warrior (SECR)

EN002 - Destructive Expirience (SR)

EN003 - Exirus the Wolf-Born Warrior ©

EN004 - Lock of the Wolf ®



- Carlessa's name is a pun on the word "Careless". As you can see in her pic, she is throwing away cards. Acting Careless.



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