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these are the ultimate cards :)


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Sorry, but these are not ultimate. First, "blue eyes black dragon" needs a type. Remember in English class when they told you to cap the first letter of the first word of every sentence? Same applies here. You have a lot of OCG (Official Card Grammer) errors and your names need to have caps in them. I give you a C- because your new at this

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I'm gonna go through this carefully, card by card:


Blue Eyes Black Dragon:

1. Terribad OCG and overpoweredness.

2. Name Capitaliztion is needed. But just the first letters.

3. There is no type. You need to put a type.


Dragon Rider:

1. OCG again, look it up in the OCG Thread.

2. Name Capitalization, first letters only though.

3. Dragon needs to be capitalized like that.


Hyper Beam:


2. Name Cpaitalization AGAIN

3. Overpowered.


Time Recover(or)

1. Name is spelled wrong. Don't put the (or) at the end.


3. Not such thing as a Quick- Play Trap Card.

4. Name Capitalization. . . AGAIN!

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