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kcvds club

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there's a secret in this club,

[spoiler=Secret][spoiler=Can't Tell You][spoiler=NO!!!!][spoiler=i can keep saying no][spoiler=if i wanted to][spoiler=each time you click,a person disappear's][spoiler=1 down][spoiler=2 down][spoiler=you'll disappear soon][spoiler=okay you wanna know,][spoiler=do you really want to know,][spoiler=????????????,][spoiler=i'm suprised your still clicking,][spoiler=okay here it is,][spoiler=i disappeared][spoiler=secret][spoiler=lol click and you'll see,][spoiler=there isnt one.][spoiler=or is there,][spoiler=nope there isnt,][spoiler=hahaha,after all that clicking you got notin'][spoiler=or is the answer next][spoiler=okay here it is]the secret
























this is a club where you only need 2 thing's,

1:kcvds 1.15

2:follow the rules,

once there are 8 members,there will be a suprise,

you can also post deck idea's,


and other stuff about yugioh

also just click and click and click to see the secret,

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