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I'm sure anyone who has ever been a Pokemon Fan has wondered...

Felix Culpa

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It would be chaos.




I think the world would be a better place without electric mice and fire breathing lizards running about. Not to mention that it would get kinda annoying to have to deal with the pokemon's redundant cry.


I agree with this

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In the real world, destructive monsters aren't randomly friendly. >_> If Pokemon actually existed, the land would be overrun with vicious animals.


I mean, come on - do approach a wolf in the wild, believing it will automatically be friendly? No, you stay the funk away from it. o_O It would be no different with a Mightyena, Arcanine, or Houndoom.


Wild animals is vicious. Giving them super powers is a bad idea.

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You know' date=' Hippows kill more people each year than sharks do.




lets see

a marshmallow that makes people fall asleep maybe

visable ghosts

breathing fire

when 1 gets to lv. 26, it changes completely, and gets a new name

poison that doesnt kill or really harm at all

being paralyzed, then it wares off after 10 min.


a lot of stuff would be wierd, including every scientific thought ever

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Imagine Rayquaza flying here and there' date=' there and here everyone would say "Oh golly, Another destroyed building! How nice!"



but would be very rare, seeing as thers only 1, and they would lock it down in a cage to preserve the last of a species

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