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Boston YCM Meet

End Of The Abyss

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Well, seeming as how every summer I'm gonna be vacationing in a different city, I figured why not have a yearly meet for YCM? Where users can meet other users in real life.


I mean, how epic would it be to meet Crab Helmet? VERY.


So this year, it's Boston. I'll inform you later for the specific dates. But, just an idea. Epic fail? Or EPIC WIN?


[epic fail.]

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I'm so going to a meet with kids under the age of 10 and a bunch of kids who haven't seen the sun in a long time. Standing around awkwardly and trading Yugioh Cards.


Oh what fun that would be.


Lol, Tkill won this xD


But whatever you do, don't go to downtown Memphis, downtown Detroit or any of the most dangerous states, because there might be a child molester just waiting for a bunch of kids under the age of 12 to come. xD


Lol, just have near the south, and I might go.

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