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Iron Chain Mill Bomb Trolls V1

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[align=center]Monsters: [18]

[3] Iron Chain Repairman

[3] Iron Chain Coil

[3] Iron Chain Blaster

[3] Needle Worm

[2] Summon Priest

[2] Morphing Jar #2

[1] Night Assailant

[1] Morphing Jar


Spells: [16]

[3] Book of Moon

[3] Book of Taiyou

[2] Book of Eclipse

[2] Hand Destruction

[1] Card Destruction

[1] Monster Reborn

[1] Card of safe Return

[1] Reinforcement of the Army

[1] Reasoning

[1] Monster Gate


Traps: [6]

[3] Cemetery Bomb

[2] Desert Sunlight

[1] Blasting the Ruins


Extra: [15]

[3] Dark Strike Fighter



R/F. I'm sure I'm not trollin' right, Tronta.[/align]

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I'll try it out.

Based on the number of Quick-play spells and anytime traps' date=' the damage could add up fast (so maybe 2?). I'll try it out on WC09 if you want. Looks like fun ;)


Sure. Yeah, it looks like fun and is when you can get the right stuff in play. Especially DSF.

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