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Time: Wandering Mage


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Hi! As always, I am eager for advice and critique! I am not sure about the LP pay amount, so I could use some help on that. Then, if someone tells me it's "worthy" I'll put it in the realistic section. Thanks!




Lore: Activate only during the Battle Phase. Pay 500 Life Points and increase your opponent's Life Points by 500. This card is treated as a Normal Monster card (Spellcaster-Type/ FIRE/ Level 8/ ATK 3000/ Def 3000 ) and is Special Summoned to one of your Monster Card Zones. (This card is still treated as a Trap Card) During the End Phase in which this card was activated, it is removed from play. During your opponent's 2nd Standby Phase after this card was activated, it is set face-down in a Spell and Trap Card Zone on your side of the field.


There are other cards in this set to, tell me if you want to see them.

Oh, and I posted em' already in realistic cards. here's the link http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-128251.html

Ach! Forgot! Image credit goes to Google Image Search!

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