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Power of Sinergy [10/??] *5 new Cards* [Rate/Comment]


Would these make a great combo?  

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Guest Dark-Azkrin666

Orignally there were just 3 cards but after some thought, i decided to make a set. As you can see every card with the eception of "Perfect Time Machine" has "Sinergy" in its name. Its of course a name i made up but i have given it a definition.


Sinergy:energy that doubles the amount of power into something


With that definition i can work with some what intresting abilitys but mainly the "Sinergy" card work alonge increaseing Atk, Although i will be making some that work with defence and effects












All Image credit goes to google, photobucket, and deviantart.com

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Guest Dark-Azkrin666

will when you think about it' date=' if i have those two monsters on the field and used both there effects my opposite will receive one hell of a damage.

[/quote']no i ment the trap card. Say this, you have one of those 2 monsters and a "DNA Surgery" on the field, then play "Limiter Removal" witch double its Atk thanks to "DNA Surgery". Next use there effect on themsevles to double there Atk again. The turn ends and the monsters destroyed. On your opponents battle phase play "Perfect Time Machine" and get you monster back with the Atk it had Before it was destroyed so thats ethire 4000 or 11600 depending on which 1 was destroyed. Plus that monster keeps that Atk and can still double it

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