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SuPeR StAlL DeCk O' DoOm


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3x the fool

2x defender

1x Marshmallon

1x Morphing jar

3x needle worm

1x Spirit reaper



3x book of eclipse

1x card destruction

1x level limit

2x messenger of peace

1x SoRL



3x curse of anubis

3x negate attack

3x roar

3x thunder of ruler

3x waboku

3x windstorm of etaqua

3x zero gravity

1x mirror force

1x g-bind

1x TT




3x twister

3x SIM

3x LIM

1x mst

1x storm

3x GB hunter

1x Messenger of peace


It's funny because it works.

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Morph 2 would be terrible here... I do kind of like the idea of ju-ju master though... and grand mole maybe... I will test them...

^ Some Solemns maybe nate?


Maybe... I wasn't really sure if I would need them or not... I ill test those also...

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i had one too many commas there


im somewhat surprised

the attack stopping of the traps is good

but spirit rapist, the fool, and marshdick are just beggining to be fed alive to gbs.

if you fought one that sided decree, you might have a hard time.

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