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God of War: Blood Betrayal (Chapter Two Posted)


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Kratos, the legendary God of War. He has overcome many a feat and obstacle; from conquering gods to defeating even their ancestors, the great Titans, he is the last of his kind. . .or so he would like to believe.


From the bowels of the blackness, a lone fiend hungers for revenge. From a dismantled family, and a brother who hath forgotten the ties they held, he lurks, waiting for the self proclaimed god to fall from his throne. And if not, he shall pull him down, and toss him into the bottomless pits of Daedeulus.


[spoiler=[b]The Prologue[/b]]A heavy thud below echoed throughout the valley. It left a gaping hole in the ground under Mt. Olympus, but it still it stood. "Useless, all of them." The battle was over. Flames still surrounded the great mountain, but it was nothing he couldn't dismiss at will, as of now.


"You have lost Zeus. And now, I am the King of the gods!" His voice echoed far and wide, carrying over the sound of the fallen Gaia who lingers with Zeus at the bottom of Mount Olympus. The whole above them began to cave in, and they would be trapped there for all eternity.


Waving a hand around him, the flames were doused. There was peace in him finally, and through it he could see his downfall, though he knew it not at the time. A woman. Her lavish hair blew in the wind, and on the mortal grounds below him, she was beautiful.


With his wrath done, and his goals accomplished, he could now live in peace; and so, he would take this woman as his wife.


Three Months Later . . .


A child was born. Son of Kratos, an heir to the throne of the gods. But while Kratos ruled in peace, someone somewhere had other plans, quickly gaining power to use against the King of the gods. "Kra. . . tos. . . ".




[spoiler=[b]Chapter 1, In the Beginning, There Was. . . [/b]]"Alexander, go and fetch me some water. Then, we'll go hunting on the grounds below." Alexander perked up. At age 17, with nothing else to do, hunting was his life. But Kratos wanted more than that for him. He knew that someday his time would be up, and he wanted his son to rule properly.


As Alexander ran down to the water caverns, Kratos looked to his wife, beckoning her to him. "Matilda, I have to make you understand: being the King calls for my own many duties, but because I am not guaranteed an infinite life, Alexander must be taught my ways."


Matilda frowned, curling her eyebrows. She worried about the boy enough. She didn't need his father killing him. "Don't worry," he said to her softly. "I'll be careful not to bang him up to badly." Alexander returned just in time as well. "Grab your sword boy. Hunting has been canceled for the day."


Taking a swig of his drink, Kratos placed the golden cup on the ground. "Today, you become a warrior. And as such, my lieutenant. After today, you will build an army. An army greater than that of even my precious Sparta." Alexander nodded silently.


Over to his right, a bright curved scimitar (longer than average), hanged proudly on the wall, beside a second of exact similarities. It's golden hilt flowed nicely with it's sharp steel. Watching his father, he approached the edge of Mount Olympus nervously. "I never did like this," he said aloud.


Kratos laughed, his back turned to the sky behind him. "Come on. It won't kill you." We winked, and fell. Alexander followed, but facing forwards instead, his hands to his sides. As they met in the air, Kratos called, "I'll race you to the bottom!" Alexander smiled, and pushed himself forwards like a rocket, Kratos at his heels.


As they landed, again leaving craters in the ground below, the mortals around them bowed, in awe at their god. "Stand to your feet. You are not lowly servants. All I ask is that you continue to be loyal to me, my people." They cheered, and Alexander watched.


Kratos bid goodbye to the people in front of him, his loyal mortals. Pointing to the empty desert to the east, Kratos vanished, fire behind him. Alexander was shocked! He'd never seen his father move so fast; he could only imitate him.


With a screeching halt, as Alexander appeared behind him, Kratos attacked without warning. "Be ready!" he cried, and they sparred for hours on end. Still, Kratos wielded the blades of Athena, now the blades of Truth. They calshed with Alexander's Forgotten Scimitars, all too perfectly. Creating sonic booms and vast waves of energy; one of the many reasons this barren desert existed.


When their battle was over, they had unveiled Alexander's true strength, but not his full potential. "We're not done yet son." They again sped away, this time into the blackest night; one Kratos would not forget.



[spoiler=[b]Chapter 2, Reoccurred Temple of Pandora[/b]]Chapter Two


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it was interesting, but i thought you could have splurged a bit more with the battle scene. all you did was have them make a lot of noise, but you could have went so much further. ;)


i love God of War, it is my favorite video game. i was intrigued by the idea, and i still am, about this fan fic, but it seems like you have a long way to go before it gets good. try making the chapters longer and more detailed. you already have a great start. ;)


i say this could become good. :D

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it was interesting' date=' but i thought you could have splurged a bit more with the battle scene. all you did was have them make a lot of noise, but you could have went so much further. ;)


i love God of War, it is my favorite video game. i was intrigued by the idea, and i still am, about this fan fic, but it seems like you have a long way to go before it gets good. try making the chapters longer and more detailed. you already have a great start. ;)


i say this could become good. :D



Well, I wanna save some of the carnage for later, so I'll become a lot more detailed in the fights, I promise. ;)





I've never actually played God of War' date=' but I've heard of it, and of Kratos. This is great!



Thank you. I'll keep this going, and hopefully have Chapter two posted by this evening.

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The only thing that bugs me is that Kratos killed his family (I know that this is a new one though) he never found peace because of that, he was gonna kill himself after killing Ares until he learned that he gets to take his place. How could a man like Kratos truly find peace, (doubly since he had it and then gave it up in Chains of Olympus).


Kuja Hydra decapitation is bad idea even in God of War (unless Alexander uses one as his war vehicle and uses the extra heads to increase it's combat potential). I want a Hydra mount now.

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Hopefully Kratos or his son will decapitate some Hydras...:twisted:


You know' date=' I may consider a hydra at some later point. . . .hmm. Here's Chapter Two, sooner than I expected:


[spoiler=[b']Chapter 2, Reoccurred Temple of Pandora[/b]]


They slowed their speed, as they came to yet another barren wasteland. "Where are we father?" Alexander asked confused. Kratos said nothing, but instead took a few steps back behind Alexander. "Father?" A bright light shone reflecting from the moon, and then, many more of it, filling the sky with a line of silver that night. "What is--oh!" Alexander took a giant flip backwards, as the hail of arrows landed in perfect alignment in front of him.


Kratos held out a hand and called, "Cease fire you ingrates!" Alexander was still utterly confused. "Who are you talking to? There's clearly no one there. It has to be the work of a sorcerer. One of great magic." But he was wrong. A wicked wind came from the depths of the desert, blowing sand in a sickening circle in the air, clouding their view.


As it cleared, a large monument was floating in the air. It's cold black bricks haunted the evening sky, as it's chains whipped about in the wind, freely. "You told me this temple was destroyed," Alexander said with a sigh. "What does this mean? What are you after?" Kratos stepped forward, and waved a hand under the 'floating' monument.


Where Kronos once crawled, Gaia had taken his place. "I'm after nothing Alexander. All treasures of Pandora have come to my hand many a year ago. What is now, is your chance to bring about your full potential. Inside awaits a warlock. He has great magic, and through his teachings you may even be able to rival me."


A sweeping punch from Gaia was blocked by the single hand of Kratos, who slammed it back to the ground. "Move again woman, and you will have your every limb ripped from your body!" She groaned, unable to muster any more strength. Alexander grinned. "Is that it father? Really? This won't make much for a good story to my children one day."


Kratos pushed him forwards. "I can't give away all the secrets of the temple you fool. Now go. If you come out alive, we feast. If you die, then I'll have to find another heir to my throne." Alexander scoffed, as he approached Gaia's hind legs, grinding his scimitars into them and climbing upwards. In all, it took him 40 days to reach the Temple's gates (stopping for rest in between, and hunting for food).


The large metal gates appeared average, but very tall. He pushed them open quietly, but regardless, the enemy knew he had arrived.


Two undead legionnaires dragged forth a mighty beast; a Hades minotaur. It roared madly, spewing hot ash and flame from it's mouth, snapping at the legionnaires. Alexander acted quickly. He sprinted forth, attempting to knock the beast off balance immediately. With great force, the minotaur lunged a fist from hell down upon Alexander, dragging the legionnaire with it.


Luckily, Alexander saw it coming. He slid beneath the beast just in time, slicing it's Achilles Tendon, and bringing it to a knee. The wiser legionnaire freed the minotaur, and attacked Alexander with it's wide blade-arm. He parried, spinning and kicking the legionnaire in it's chest, knocking it backwards. As it began to fall, Alexander sprang forth and drove his scimitars into the legionnaire's chest, ripping it open wide in an upwards motion, taking off it's head in the process.


The blood splatter hit the stunned minotaur, enraging it. It reached wildly behind itself, grabbing for Alexander, who moved, and sliced the beast's second Achilles Tendon, bringing it to it's knees. The beast slammed angrily at the ground in front of him, tearing up large chunks of brick, hurling them backwards at Alexander. He was caught in the face, scarring his right eye.


"Bastard." Alexander pushed from the ground with his strong legs, and drove his scimitars into the Minotaur's shoulders. It cried out in pain, and reached for Alexander, but he sliced off it's hand, and used a scimitar (tossing it) to pin it's hand to the ground. With his right scimitar free for use, he snatched it from the beast's shoulder, and used it to hold the monster's head up high.


Alexander smiled, jumping down and swinging around the monster's head, slicing it's neck. On his second trip around it's neck, he kicked the beast's head off, taking his scimitar with him, and landing atop the head, crushing it, spewing the tiny brain it had at his feet.


"That wasn't so bad. If this is all I'm to expect, then this should be no problem." He looked forwards to the great doors of Pandora's Temple. Unfortunately, he wasn't done at the entrance just yet.


A trumpet sounded, and in unison, dozens of archers came forth at the top of the temple, in front of the main doors, and around Alexander. Their leader, trumpet still in his hand, waved a hand forward, to signal their immediate fire.


Alexander couldn't run, so instead, he would take them all out in one shot. "Quickly!" he thought to himself. He picked up his second scimitar and locked the two together, creating a loud buzzing noise. He wrenched them forth, and a super sonic wave emitted from them, knocking the archer's beside him unconscious, and shaking the temple in front of him.


Being the only remaining archer, their leader leaped from atop Pandora's Temple with the bow still in his hand. "Maybe you're not so stupid after all," said the funny looking monster-archer. Alexander raised an eyebrow.


"You can speak? N-never mind that. You're in my way." Alexander pushed the beast aside, but was pinned to the doors by a barrage of arrows from the archer leader. "Don't walk away from me, son of Kratos. If you wish to enter these doors, you must prove yourself worthy."


Alexander had no time for this. He wrenched the arrows from his clothing, and shattered them. As he hit the ground, everything around him began to spin, and a black portal dragged him under.


"He'll never defeat the old man," the archer murmured quietly.



Upon request, I can move all Chapters to the original post I made. Otherwise, they will be made individually per post.

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[spoiler=[b]Chapter 3, Warlock Society[/b]]


"Damn it. What the hell is this?" he wondered aloud, yanking his hand from a sticky gunk on the ground. "Tar?" A vibrant, deep echo emitted from the tar below him, and he struggled to his feet, slicing it from his knees. "Doesn't sound good," he thought. An ominous answer came from a oddly shaped puddle in the midst of the tar. "It's not, simple boy."


Walking with his cane, the old man stepped freely from the tar, as though it didn't affect him. "So why doesn't this stick to you old man? What are you doing that I'm not?" The old amn laughed, coming into full vision now. His bald head sported gray streaks of hair on the left and right sides. His pointed ears gave him a vicious look, matching his unforgiving eyes. Dark brown robes were the color of his cane, falling to his knees.


He was barefooted, and still the gunk did not affect him. "Because unlike you, boy. I have appeased the sickly monster that sleeps here. Though I needed not, I could have just killed him. But where's the fun in that?" he asked chuckling.


Alexander scoffed, shaking some of the gunk from his feet. "Enough of your rambling. Why did you drag me down here? I must get inside." He looked around frantically for way back up to the surface.


The old man popped Alexander on the head with his large cane. "Simple boy. It's not that simple. I dragged you here to teach you a thing or two, about the magics of this land, and how they can aid you." Alexander stared blankly before answering. "I have enough magic. I know enough about them as well. I don't need your fake blessings."


He circled Alexander, jabbing him in the back of his legs, bringing him to his knees again. Then, just when he couldn't be more annoyed, Alexander watched as the old man stood in front of him, and began conjuring a strange green fire in his hands. "Then you know of Black magic?" He asked laughing giddily.


Alexander again struggled to his feet. "No. But if you touch me again, you'll forget everything you've ever known." The old man's smile turned quickly into a frown. "My my, aren't you frisky. If you can defeat me, I'll give you a private lesson, and I'll even bring you to the surface. If not, I'll grind you to dust."


Alexander agreed to the terms. "Then shall we fight on an equal plain?" The old man laughed again, almost toppling over. "I never specified where we would do battle did I? No, no. We'll fight right here, right now." He tapped his cane on the ground three times, and the dark walls around them opened up into a shadowy coliseum.


Witches and wizards of all kinds sat silently, judging Alexander. He said nothing, as the old man tossed the fiery green blast at him, and he struggled to move out of it's path as it crept towards him.


At the same time, the old man circle Alexander, spewing forth more of the eerie green blasts.


Alexander gave in, and lie now flat on his stomach as the fires passed over him, connecting and canceling each other. "Bah! It's not that simple, simple boy!" They grew into one giant ball, now scorching the ends of Alexander's hair above his head, slowly sinking atop him.




I know it's rather brief, but I have some research to do today, so I may extend it into two parts, as it is planned to be somewhat long anyway.



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