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Naruto: Kage Royal

Legend Zero

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Notice: This RP is in no way related to the original storyline...


Sponsered By: Ninja Academy | The Naruto Club


In the vast Ninja World an agreement has finally been reached. Every village will take place, in an awe inspiring battle royal. The winning village recieves a prize of their Kage leading the entire ninja world. The time is ticking before this event will take place. The whole world is your battleground, and your time limit is set. Now there is only one option remaining. Choose your village and the destiny of the world!


[spoiler=Village Hidden in the Clouds]

1. Ken'ichi Satomi-Kage

2. Saruto Desa-Sannin

3. YugiohPro-Hero

4. Rucario-Jonins


[spoiler=Village Hidden in the Leaves]

1. Kazuki Yuudai-Kage

2. Dai-Hakudo, Byakuya-Kage Guard

3. in.Spyre-Jonin


[spoiler=Village Hidden in the Mist]

1. Kibi Taka-Kage

2. Hayate Masaru-?

3. Unmei-Genin


[spoiler=Village Hidden in the Sand]

1. Suna Youchi-Kage

2. Kent-Jonin

3. Tsukaeru Blackwell-Jonin (pg.5)






Appr: (image or tek tek)

Personality/Biography: (include rank; genin/chunin/ect.)

Jutsus: (max 5)

Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai:



Name: Ken'ichi Satomi

Age: 28

Village: The Village Hidden in the Clouds

Appearence: ec5a374.png

Personality/Biography: Ken'ichi Satomi, the leader of The Village Hidden in the Clouds doesn't talk much. He is known for his wind style jutsu. His attacks are incredibly strong. As a child he always wanted to be the Hokage of his village even though he never showed it. He had many friends and was at the top of his class. He became the 3rd Hokage of his village at age 26.


Jutsus: (max of 5)

Wind Release: Whirlwind Fist: delivers a punch that releases a giant, adaptable whirlwind.

Wind Release: Wind Cutter: A large slicing wind will be created which can cut through his opponent. This can be used to immobilize large targets. This technique can also be used to divide and neutralize an incoming Wind attack launched against the user and make it harmless.

Wind Release: Godly Wind from the Mountain: This technique creates a vortex of wind to blast at a target.

Wind Release: Great Breakthrough: This technique creates a large explosion of wind from the user's location, easily leveling everything in its path. A variation of the technique involves a smaller blast of wind which gets ignited with flame.

Wind Release: Rotating Shuriken: This jutsu will infuse wind-based chakra into bladed weapons. The user can than manipulate the blades in a spinning manner to attack the target.


Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: Wind Counter: This jutsu allows the user to slice a wind-based jutsu and cancel or redirect it to the a target. This jutsu requires a sword.


Name: Kazuki Yuudai


Village: The Village Hidden in the Leaf

Appearence: c929759.png

Personality/Biography:Kazuki Yuudai, the leader of The Village Hidden in the Leafs is energetic when not at work. He is a serious ninja when it comes down to it. It was his dream and goal to be the greatest Hokage ever. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Great Minato Namikaze, The 4th Hokage, and Naruto Uzumaki, The 6th Hokage. He became the 7th Hokage of the leaf at age 25. He has learned the Rasengan from Naruto Uzumaki himself! When the 6th Hokage died saving the village at age 38, Kazuki became Hokage immediatly. Kakashi Hatake was his squad leader. Although Kakashi was older he was still a great ninja. When Kakashi was getting too old he had Sakura Huruno who was the leafs greatest medical ninja to give his sharingan to Kazuki. He was known as Kazuki the Mirror Shinobi. Before Kakashi Died he taught Kazuki Chidori 1000 birds.


Jutsus: (max of 5)

Rasengan:You should know what it does.

Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change: Using the Sharingan's jutsu-copying abilities, the user can turn any genjutsu back onto its original user.

Chidori 1000 birds: You should know what it does.

Tsukuyomi:You should know what it does.

Tsukuyomi: Black Dream:traps the enemy in a Tsukuyomi illusion, causing them to see the ground beneath their feet break open, plummeting them into a huge chasm. The torment ends (and apparently their life) when a column of fire slams them into the pit.


Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan/Mangekyo Sharingan: You should know what it does.


Name: Kibi Taka

Age: 15

Village: Hidden Mist Village

Appr: 2uorii1.png

Personality/Biography: Kibi is the eldest daughter of the wealthy emperor of the Land of Waves. She was sent by her father to the Hidden Mist Academy in hope of being able to build a Hidden Wave village. She excelled so much that she quickly became the Hidden Mist Kage and combats many evils through her stratigies and childish immaturity.


Summoning: Aqua Falcon

Harden Water Drill

Water Dragon Jutsu

Cystal Ice mirrors

Water Jets (allows high pressurized water to hit and crush opponents)


Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: Ice Kekkei Genkai (AKA Haku's)


Name: Suna Youchi

Age: 22

Village: Hidden Sand

Appr: 2qn15qv.jpg

Personality/Biography: Nicknamed the fiery Vixon of the Sand Suna is a 4th generation Shinobi and the daughter and granddaughter of former Kages. Being taught by the best she has surpassed many veterns and all while still mantaining her cute charm. On the streets she is a party girl but on the battlefield she is your worst nightmare.


Summoning: Sand Fox

Stun Sand Jutsu (A sand version of Shadow Possesion)

Sandstorm Jutsu (creates a sandstorm)

Summoning: Sand Scyth

Sand Tsunami




~Sign Ups will be from now until Saturday because I'll be extremely busy~[/align]

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I'm deffinitly in, I will be a Hidden Leaf Ninja, Making app now.

Name: Hayate Masaru

Age: 21

Village: Mist






Personality/Biography: Hayate was a former Anbu black ops member from the Lightning at the age of 15, At 16 he learned how to control his Rinnegan. Now at 21 he moved to the Mist to serve his new Kage. His Clan was known by the Lightning Anbu as the Jagan Warriors, because their Kekkai Genkai makes it seem like they always have an extra eye on their opponent.



1) Lightning Release: Thunder Binding

2) LimeLight

3) Summoning: Impure World Resurrection - Will only be used in the beginning for his Six Paths. Then will not be used again unless given permission

4) Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. (Uses only when directed by The Host)

5) Six Paths of Pain - Rinnegan Only


Techniquily he only has three jutsu to use in a fight wich greatly limits his powers in a fight.


Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan - Six Paths of Pain, Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Techinque, Master of all five Elements, also allows the user to see chakra, including an otherwise hidden barriers like a force field.

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Name: Nova Uchiha

Age: 27

Village:Village Hidden in the Leaves

Appr: walmxz.jpg

Cure Mark Appr:25875s3.jpg


Personality/Biography:He is a rouge ninja. After the Uchiha clan was murder he was on a serect misson for the Hokage. After hearing the new about the Uchiha Clan he became a rouge ninja and left the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Few year passed and he was part of the Akasukas. His Sharingan is maybe the powerful Sharingan ever. He is the Second strongest Akasuka.


Tsukuyomi: Black Dream:


Chidori 1000 birds

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Multi shadow clone

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu

Fire Style: Giant Fireball Jutsu


Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan/Mangekyo Sharingan/Cure Mark

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Name: Saruto Desa

Age: 24

Village: Village Hidden in the Leaves if not then Village Hidden in the Clouds

Appr: 144c648.png

Personality/Biography: Saruto is a Jonin that cares about his firends and family. He is know for his Lightning jutsus plus because of that he is known as Saruto the Lightning Sannin. Also when he was 15 years old, he master the Lightning Mode Jutsu. It is like Sage Mode but with lightning.

Jutsus: Lightning Release: Lightning Storm: Saruto call a storm and alot of lightning come down

Lightning Mode Jutsu: He get hit by lightning and then he becomes like lightning and he glows

Lightning Mode: Limitlight Speed: He run so fast that no one can see him

Lightning Mode: Flying Thunder God Technique(Saruto style)I think you know what it does but he have to use Limit Speed too

Summoning Technique (Lightning animals) you know what it does.

Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: Lightngan: Conrolling lightning

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Guest Morpheous Erebos

Name: Kent

Age: 17

Village: Sand

Appr: (image or tek tek) - http://media.photobucket.com/image/sand%20ninjas/heartless20/anime/Samuri%20or%20fighter%20Ninja/blondejapanese.jpg

Personality/Biography: (include rank; genin/chunin/ect.) - Rank: Jonin. His clan can make contracts with many animals as long as they have gained their form. He is hard-headed like Naruto and looking to push himself like Sasuke,

Jutsus: (max 5) - Transformation Justu (See Abilities...)

Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: Think "Animorphs". Exactly like that XD

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Dai-Hakudo, Byakuya








Kage's Personal Guard


Byakuya Seems Always Serene And Apathetic Towards Other People, Even When He Is Actually Deeply Conflicted. He Is Also Extremely Calm, Even In Battle, And Is Very Seldom Surprised By Even The Most Drastic Of Actions.


Byakuya Is A Highly Perceptive Fighter, Being Able To Almost Immediately Determine An Opponent's Attack Patterns And Weaknesses. He Is Also Crafty Tactician As Demonstrated From How Effectively He Uses His Jutsu To Confuse His Opponents. He Can Discern The Motives And Abilities Of His Opponents And Effectively Use His Knowledge To End The Battle In His Favor.


Blossom Style: Blossom Baradge - (This Only Works When Kekkei Genkai Is Acctive) 20% Of The Tiny Blossom Petal-Shaped Blades Form To Make Multipul Katana's, Which Are Then Shot at The Opponent; Each Blade Can Be Used Once, After The Blade Is Used, They Become The Tiny Blossom Petal-Shaped Blades And Then Float Around Byakuya

The Rest Of Byakuya's Jutsu Are Unknown

Kekkei Genkai

Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (Vibrant Display Of A Thousand Cherry Blossoms) - To Activate It, Byakuya Needs To Drop His Sword Straight Down. The Sword Phases Into The Ground, As Though It Were A Pool Of Water. Energy Ripples Expand Out, Turning The Surrounding Area Dark, And Within Seconds Two Rows Of Giant Blades Rise Up From The Ground. These Giant Blades Then Explode, And Scatter Into A Near-Infinite Number Of Tiny Blossom Leaf-Shaped Blades. The Number Of Blades Is Great Enough That Byakuya Can Use Them For Defense As Well As Offense At The Same Time. He Commonly Forms Them Into Large Masses, Designed To Obliterate Opponents Instantaneously. Byakuya's Defensive Use Allows Him To Cover Himself Entirely In These Tiny Blossom Leaf-Shaped Blades, And Form A Body Shield. He Is Able To Mentally Control All The Blades.


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DemonX- Made you cloud because Leaf has been packed with powerhouses already. =P


The Dark Prince-Not original at all plus I need to know your jutsu. Unknown is not an option.


Hayate Masaru-I will allow the use of the Rinnegan as long as you cannot control gravity as Pein did. Otherwise it must be changed.


Everyone else accepted and I got it added Yondaime.


~No more Leaf Ninja until other villages get filled up aswell~


[Also just because they are the main village in the anime doesn't guarantee them the win ;)]

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Name: Aya

Age: 16

Village: Leaf

Appr: full_248101859.jpg

Personality/Biography: She is quit and to herself. She likes to stare out into the sunset whenever she finds the time. She always gives it 110% at everythig she does, no matter what. She just became an Anbu Black Ops.

Jutsus: Rasengan, Bakugan, Gentle Fist, Shadow Clone Jutsu

Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: She is a great sword figher.

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Name: Hunter "The Speed Shot" Cuttz

Age: 16

Village: Village Hidden in the Clouds

Appr: 00a5bad29bc6b0_full.jpg

Personality/Biography: Hunter was always one of the fastest guys in his Village, which was the main reason he was sent out on Spy, Assassination and almost any other mission. Most people saw him, not for his charm, but for his speed, and his amazing fighting skills. One day, at the age of 14, he was a Genin, battling off some major Bandits, one of them having been revived long ago, and given eternal life by Orochimaru. No one could ever catch him. He used his speed, almost killing the victim, but keeping him brittle enough that he could be put in chains for the rest of his life. He was named the Hero of the Village, but not because he caught that man, but because, there was a bomb placed in the Village, strong enough to send it to its grave. This bomb was discovered during a mission, when he had to go under the ground to retrieve a flower. This flower was meant to heal any wound, and their Kage had needed it, after being in a fierce battle. Hunter noticed the bomb, quickly removing it from a small area in the wall, where it had been growing for some time, eating into the roots of the Village. He used his speed to place it in the desert, and when he returned with the flower, nobody knew what he had truly done, until one day. There was an enormous explosion in the distance, as everyone could see it, they quickly wondered what it was. Hunter had ran out to see it. The bomb was at 7 hours when he had removed it. He saved the Village on short time, without realizing it. When he first told everyone, they were in awe, but they quickly embraced him. By age 16, he was one of the strongest fighters in the Village, and the Kage hereby named him Sannin. He was the youngest Sannin to live, but he normally did his job, never once acknowledging that he was a Sannin.

Jutsus: Taijutsu mainly. Chidori (Can do double.). Rasengan (Can do double.). Hishi Setsgumi (A Technique that only Hunter can use. He shifts the speed of the molecules in the air around him, allowing his speed to move through as fast as air. When comboed with a kunai, his opponent can be instantly killed almost. Requires enormous amounts of chakra.) Aishi Setsgumi (A Technique that only Hunter can use. He uses the molecules of his body, quickly shifting him to any area within a 10 mile radius.) Qisisuji Setsgumi (A Technique that only Hunter can use. Hunter shifts through the molecules of his opponent, moving so fast that his very being becomes sharp. When mixed with his Taijutsu and Hishi Setsgumi, his opponent is doomed to death.)

Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: Setsgumi. (This Kekkei Genkai allows Hunter to bend the molecules of certains things, allowing him to go through them, or simply to move at his ultimate speeds. Through this Kekkei Genkai Hunter doesn't waste as much chakra through his techniques. However, using this technique at the wrong time, with too many limits, can result in death.)

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Name: Protheus

Age: 20

Village: Village hidden in the clouds

Appr: -anime-guy.jpg


Personality/Biography: One of the strongest Jounins in his village, yet, at the same time, one of the most Cold-Hearted. Protheus likes making his enemies suffer until they die. Protheus literally has the Speed of Lightning but only uses that Speed when retreating which has only happened once. He is always Cold-Hearted.


Jutsus: Lui San No Jutsu (Thunder Shock Jutsu), Lui Ka No Jutsu (Great Thunder Jutsu), Lui Zi Hua No Jutsu (Destructive Thunder Jutsu), Kirin, Chidori Nagashi.


Special Ability/Kekkei Genkai: Deng lui, combination of the basic element LIGHTNING and the advance element, LIGHT.

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Hey Legend wanted to let you know that I update my appearance spoiler with his weapon which is a sword. Also I'm gonna switch from Leaf to mist to make it more fair and to allow another member to join the leaf.


OK I'll swicth you. Others accepted.


YugiohPro- I did accept you but I do not want any one hit kill type of fights.

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I got it added Yondaime.


~No more Leaf Ninja until other villages get filled up aswell~


[Also just because they are the main village in the anime doesn't guarantee them the win ;)]


K thx maybe it will get more people to join.


My Tsukuyomi dream says otherwise. ;D

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