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Step Dad

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Monsters: 21

|3| Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind

|3|Cyber Valley


|2|Destiny Hero - Plasma

|2|Destiny Hero - Malicious

|1|Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude

|1|Dark Armed Dragon

|1|Dark Grepher

|1|Destiny Hero - Fear Monger

|1|Elemental Hero - Stratos

|1|Card Trooper


|1|Plaguespreader Zombie

|1|Breaker the Magical Warrior


Spells: 12

|2|Destiny Draw

|2|Allure of Darkness


|1|Brain Control

|1|Smashing Ground

|1|Monster Reborn


|1|Heavy Storm


|1|Emergency Teleport


Traps: 8

|3|Solemn Judgment

|2|Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

|1|Crush Card Virus

|1|Trap Dustshoot

|1|Torrential Tribute



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