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Synchro Tuners????



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Hey! That's my idea >_>


You can make one' date=' sure. However, they don't exist in the TCG, because of their high levels.




And you're complaining about high Level Tuners?


As for the Synchro Tuner debate, it is possible to make one, but it would barely be worth the spot in the Extra Deck. Think about this example:

You have a Level 3 Tuner and 2 non-Tuner monsters Levels 3 and 4. Certainly you could Tune the Level 3 Tuner to the Level 3 non-Tuner to summon a Level 6 Synchro Tuner, then tune that Synchro to the Level 2 to summon Stardust Dragon/Colossal Fighter, but you could have also Tuned the Level 3 Tuner to the 2 non-Tuner monsters to summon the Level 8 Synchro. There would nbe times, however, where a Level 6 Synchro Tuner would be helpful. For example:


A Level 6 Dragon-type Synchro Tuner could be helpful if you have a Magna Drago, a Level 4 non-Dragon non-Tuner monster and a Level 4 Dragon non-Tuner out on the field. If that is the situation, you could tune Magna Drago to the Level 4 non-Dragon to summon the Level 6 Dragon Synchro Tuner, then tune the Level 6 Synchro to the Level 4 Dragon to summon Trident Dragion.

Either way, unles the Synchro Tuner has good stats and can stay on the field for some time, it would be way too situational to use.

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