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Suggestions for Making Tutorials More Helpful {Make Tutorials an Intros Sub-Forum}


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Tutorials could be a very important, helpful tool for letting new members know how things work. However, since they are a sub-forum of questions, they are one of the less viewed forums on the site. They need a place in the spotlight, and, although they wouldn't really fit in many other places, I think that introductions would be a good place to start. I also suggest that relevant tutorials {such as "How to post cards"} should be stickied in places where new members would look for them. Most members probably skip right past the news, questions, tutorials and comments forum and straight to the card forum, so important tuts like Card Posting, OCG, etc. should be posted there. Perhaps more social tutorials could migrate to General or to Introductions. By spreading them out, they could go a lot farther.


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Guest JoshIcy

ITT: People think n00bs mean newbs.


Anyway. No...

There is no definite tutorial or style that a person should follow. Let them find their own learning curve.

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How do you know that?

Have there ever read any thing on he about things that help or any thing

To guide from the horrible grammer and word choosing in al9090's post, I'll answer your question instead.



Because n00bs (not newbs) usually do not care for rules, they just think that since it's on the internet, the rules are not enforced as heavily as real life laws are. Either that, or they think it's "cool" to break rules.


...or they think reading tutorials are for idiots. Which, in thus, makes them idiots.



Also, I actually do support. At least let the ones that will actually read the tutorials have an easier chance in finding them.

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