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Hi I'm RoboHardy


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Hi I'm RoboHardy, I'm a fan of Yugioh and WWE, I'm also a member o another 'wrestling' forum called Wrestlescoop, it's pretty great of people who like small discussions. Anyway I'm a pretty big fan of Yugioh and I'm currently up to the episode where Kaiba duels that rich boy during the KC Grand Championship, it's pretty great ad it's kinda a relief after watching that whole thing with Darts and the Oricalcose (dunno if that's how it's spelt), that series was pretty serious and boring at times so I wasn't that interested, my favorite has to be the Battle City tournament, lol Bakura is a legend


I also play Rugby for Rochdale and soon starting with an academy. Excuse my spelling if I miss out a letter or two because I'm posting through my PS3


any questions?


p.s. How do I modify my profile and save a card I created?

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Nice but if you don't want to post attachments do this To post pics click on your card in card maker and then copy and paste the code that appears under the card into your post and it should appear as a pic not an attachment.

and if you have any Q's PM me

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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